Nivedur TRAS

Improved tile adhesive with reduced efflorescence
Middle bed tile adhesive made of cement, quartz sand and polymer additives. For fixing of conventional and heavy tiles, natural and quarry stone and marble into 3 to 15 mm layer. It is very suitable for tiling on surfaces with floor heating, on gypsum-cardboard panels, for tiling in pools and on terraces. Adhesive is frost resistant, has excellent adhesion and enables reduced efflorescence. Classification in compliance with EN 12004: C2TE

Appearance: grey powder
Consumption:  4 - 6 kg/m2 (layer up to 5 mm)
Light foot traffic, grouting: after 24 hours (layer up to 5 mm)
Ready to use (floors): after 14 days (layer up to 5 mm)
Packaging:  25 kg bags