Environmental and Social Responsibility

In Cinkarna Celje, we are well aware of the impacts exerted on environment, therefore we constantly invest into upgrading technological processes in accordance with best available techniques in order to reduce any negative environmental impacts. Providing for safe and healthy conditions of our employees along with offering them constant education is our great concern.
In June 2009, our environmental, safety and health management system’s conformity with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards was confirmed. Additionally, our production unit Kemija Mozirje successfully passed the external assessment under the EMAS Directive.

We regularly inform interested parties about our plans and achievements. Complaints referring to environmental issues are received at the following e-mail address: varstvo.okolja@cinkarna.si

As we are strongly integrated into the Slovenian social environment, we support sports and cultural events and above all, environmentally targeted activities. In accordance with our strategy, we provide 91,8 % sponsorship and donation funds for sports activities, 2,2 % for culture and 6 % for improvements of the surrounding infrastructure.