Research and Development





We think about the future every day. As a chemical processing company, we made it our challenge for the 21st century to develop titanium dioxide in special forms to be upgraded to final products with high value added.
In tackling this challenge, we are committed to preventing any negative effect on the environment, safety, and health. New forms of titanium dioxide will be produced without any procedures that involve dusting.
The products will be fit for application particularly in water and gas treatment, self-cleaning coatings, transparent coatings for UV-protection, and exploitation of solar energy.

We are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of waste. We have already offered two products in the market: the white gypsum CEGIPS and the red gypsum RCGIPS. More…

We are looking to upgrade our development in this field, particularly in terms of producing high value-added products from gypsum for applications in construction.