Zinc products

Zinc protection through zinc wire metallization or zinc anode electroplating achieves excellent corrosion protection properties on steel elements and structures. Fittings in the furniture industry are made of Zamak zinc alloy.

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About zinc products

ZAMAK is the name of the zinc alloy we produce at Cinkarna. It is mainly used for pressure die casting for furniture, the automotive industry, electrical appliances, fine mechanics, optics, etc. The great advantage of the alloy is its low casting temperature, extremely good castability, strength resistance, good processing and electroplating characteristics.

Zinc wire is produced at Cinkarna using the Properzi process and is used for corrosion protection of metals by metallization and in the production of condensers. Its quality meets the standards DIN EN ISO 14919, EN 1179.

They are used in companies involved in galvanisation (electroplating), which means coating metal with zinc.



Extending the service life and improving the durability of steel

One of the most important properties of zinc is its ability to protect steel from corrosion. The life and durability of steel is greatly improved when it is coated with zinc. No other material can provide such efficient and cost-effective protection of steel. If steel is not protected, it will corrode in almost any exposed environment. Zinc coatings stop the corrosion of steel in two ways – a physical barrier and electrochemical protection.

Zinc can be endlessly recycled without loss of properties or quality. With its key properties of essentiality, durability and recyclability, zinc is well positioned as the material of choice for a sustainable society.


We produce the following types of zinc products

Zinc bars


Zinc anodes


Zinc alloys


Zinc wire



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