Notification about draft vendor environmental due diligence report - phase II

17. 11. 2014

According to the articles 373 and 386 of the Slovenian Financial Instruments Act »ZTFI« Cinkarna Celje, d.d.; Kidričeva ul. 26, Celje, ID No. 5042801 herewith informs the public that it has received a draft report prepared by  ENVIRON Poland Sp.z o.o., containing results of the vendor environmental – phase II survey.

Although the draft at this stage remains notably incomplete and in some segments even inaccurate, the results undoubtedly show that the ground on the location Kidričeva 26, Celje had been constructed using industrial waste originating from the past production activities. Results of the chemical analyses also indicate substantial influence on the environment and people’s health therefore company immediately notified the competent authorities and related them the draft report.

Company will inform the public upon the receipt of the final report disclosing the Executive summary and rendering free access to the full report at the Company's Headquarters.

This announcement will be published on the Company's web site where it will remain accessible for the next 5 years.

Management Board

Cinkarna Celje, d.d.