CC Master – masterbatch, concentrate of titanium dioxide on the basic of polystyrene.

We produce the following grade:

CC MASTER TiO₂ % TC % CaCO₃ Resin Injection moulding Blow moulding Films
PS 90260 60 60 NO GPPS

TC : Total concentration
● : Recommended
o : Can be used

Product is used for the mass colouration of polyolefin polymers.


  • 25 kg PE valve bags, packed 40 or 50 bags per pallet, covered with foil and wrapped with shrinkable foil.
  • Big-bags up to 1.000 kg or 1.250 kg.
  • Octabin with inner polyethylene bag up to 1.000 kg or 1.250 kg.
  • Bulk road tankers containing up to 28.000 kg by request.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet