Calcin - S

Fertilizer EC

Type of the fertilizer: D.1

An inorganic fertilizer with the secondary nutrients calcium (Ca) and sulfur (S).

Nutrient content:

  • 20 % of calcium (Ca), or 28 % of calcium oxide (CaO)
  • 16 % of sulfur (S), or 40 % of sulfur trioxide (SO3)

CalCin S is used as fertilizer for fertilizing orchards, vineyards, meadows, pastures and fields rot improvement of physical – chemical properties of the soil without effect on changing the pH value of the soil. Fertilizer is added on agricultural fields in spring, summer or autumn. Application of fertilizer helps to improve soil structure and fertility. 

In orchards Calcin S is used for the prevention of folowing physiological diseases mottle and rot and to prevent storage diseases. Orchards should be fertilized in early spring in amount of 5-10 T per ha.

Field (barley, beets, rapesead, etc.)
Field is fertilized after harvesting of cereals with CalCin S in an amount of 2,5-10 T per ha, where fertilizer is incorporated into the soil. 

Meadows and pastures
For better growth of legumes and grasses, fertilized with CalCin S in autumn or spring in an amount of 1,5 to 10 T per ha, within a prologned rain in a short time.

Quantities of fertilizer is spread evenly over the surface with the spreader for organic fertilizer, which has a hydraulically adjustable sliding chain and spreader plates. Smaller doses or area can be spreaded by hand.

The recommended amount of fertilizer

Field of use Quantity per ha
Orhards, vineyards from 5 to 10 T
Agricultural fields from 2,5 to 10 T
Meadows, pastures from 1,5 to 10 T

Environmental protection and exposure controls
The product should not accidentally enter into the environment. In the case of increased dust formation, use personal protective equipment such as: protective clothing, anti-dust filter mask and glasses with side shield.

25 kg, bulk