Green Vitriol

Fertilizer EC 

Inorganic mineral fertilizer – iron salt (Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate).

Nutrient content: from 17 to 18% of iron (Fe). More than 12% of iron (Fe) soluble in water.


Green vitriol is used to prevent and treat iron clorosis of vine, fruit trees, berries, ornamental plants and as treatment against moss on the lawn. Iron chlorosis is a physiological disorder which occurs in plants because of the lack of active iron. For normal development, especially for the synthesis of green pigment, plants need iron at all stages during the growing period. Green vitriol has proved as effective fertilizer against chlorosis. Green vitriol is the iron salt, which contains iron and in addition some of the other micro-elements. Green vitriol lowers the pH value of the soil and improves its structure, the soil becomes more suitable for processing and for plant growth. Green vitriol should be applied before rain, using rubber gloves, boots and protective clothing. If Green vitriol is added as solution, plastic container should be used which should be thoroughly washed after use.


Green vitriol can be spreaded around chlorotic vines or in interspecific space, if there are larger areas affected. Regardless of the way of application it is necessary to add 0,5-1 kg of Green vitriol and may also be foliar applied by spraying. Solution of 0,2-0,4 % concentration should be used (20-40 g per 10L of water). Spraying should starts as soon as yellowing of the leaves occur, 2-4 times per season in 10 days interval.  

Trees and shrubs (peach tree, pear tree, quinces, strawberries, raspberries in blackberries)

Application method is the same as at grapevine. Use 1-3 kg of Green vitriol per tree, depending on tree size; in nurseries shall be spreaded from 30 to 40 g of Green vitriol per m2. The surface should be watered after application of Green vitriol to dissolved all of the salt crystals. The other way of application is spraying the solution of Green vitriol; 30-40 g per 10 L of water per m2.   

Instructions for remowing moss on lawns and greens with Green vitriol

For removal of moss use 40 g of Green vitriol per m2. The amount can be higher (60-70 g/m2) depending on how much moss is present on lawn and how frequent moss is. On larger areas Green vitriol can be trown by hand or mechanically on the grass. When the rain is not expected, the surface should be watered. For the renewal of smaller areas (mowing lawns, tennis courts, sorrounding of fruit trees) the application is carried out by spraying the solution of Green vitriol. For example for the surface of 10m2 a 20 L solution containing 400-600g of Green vitriol is prepared. Moss is immediately destroyed and become black after spraying.

Caution – salt or salt solution should not come into contact with concrete product, with asphalt or tiles, as brown spots appears on them that can not be cleaned.

Environmental protection

Green vitriol should be always applied before forcasted rainfall, using rubber gloves, boots and protective clothing. If there is no rain foreseen, intense watering should be provided. If Green vitriol is applied as solution, plastic container should be used and thoroughly washed after application. Green vitriol is not allowed in buffer zones, water sources of drinking water, buffer zones of lakes, rivers and streams.  

Packaging: 5 kg, 25 kg


Packaging: 5 kg, 25 kg

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