Aquanol special

Aquanol special are water based printing inks and varnishes containing in addition to water also ethanol and isopropyl alcohol in minor quantities. Due to alcohol content they are distinguished by good drying properties. They can be diluted by water or ethanol. When the printing process is finish but before the inks in the machine dries, ink units and rollers are to be washed with water. If the ink dries it can be removed by alcohol or Aquanol cleaner.

gloss all types of paper
good drying properties all types of cardboards
good abrasion and scratch resistance
good resistance of imprint to water (moist)
good tack to printing surface
good printability


We produce:

  • different-purpose white inks
  • basic inks corresponding to Pantone matching system
  • special shades (custom made)


Solvent based

Water based

We provide technical support to all our customers, either when introducing new products as well as when searching for the optimum solutions for the individual client.


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