Thinners and additives


  • Thinner P (mix of ethanol and etil acetat) – normal drying
  • Thinner ETA (etil acetat) – drying accelerator
  • Thinner RNE (metoksi-propanol) – drying retarder
  • Retarder RNL – drying retarder with stronger effect


  • Additive TP – prevents foaming
  • Additive TO – improves tack and thermal stability of Plastoflex inks  , Laminatflex inks and varnishes
  • Additive TGO – improves slippery property and abrasion resistance of Plastoflex inks and varnishes

Aqua additives:

  • Antifoaming agent PP - prevents foaming (only for Aquanol special inks and varnishes)
  • Antifoaming agent 86 - prevents foaming (only for Aquaflex inks and varnishes)
  • Additive W – improves slippery property and abrasion resistance
  • Aquanol cleaner – dried ink cleaner


Solvent based

Water based

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