PLASTOGRAVUR – series 91 are solvent based printing inks and varnishes made for application on outer surface of printing materials in gravure printing. The ink includes additives, which make imprints slippery and abrasion resistant. Due to excellent printing properties the printing process is not limited by the speed of the press (high speed presses allowed). With these inks we can print on all types of gravure printing presses.

  • Plastogravur inks we produce them in all basic shades, only by request.
  • 9100 PLASTOGRAVUR – LAK-VEZIVO / VARNISH-BINDER, for lightening of already prepared
Plastogravur inks and for making Plastogravur inks from Koncentrats. 

Solvent based

  • Flexo
    • Plastoflex – surface inks
    • Laminatflex – laminating inks
    • Elastoflex – inks for thermo shrinkable films
  • Gravure print

Water based

  • Aquanol special – for printing on non-absorbent papers
  • Aquaflex –100% water based inks

Pigmented preparations and additives
  • Concentrates – concentrated pigmented preparations
  • Thinners and additives

We provide technical support to all our customers, either when introducing new products as well as when searching for the optimum solutions for the individual client.


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