Metallic inks

They are suitable for printing on coated and uncoated paper and cardboard. They dry normally. Printing with thicker ink film requires lower print piles and dusting.
Silver ink PANTONE 877 and Gold ink 2708 are one-component ink, ready for printing.  They feature good opacity, high gloss and imprint intensity. Since gold inks usually lose their brilliance and tend to oxidize in the vehicle, we recommend using up the can as soon as possible once it has been opened.

Light fastness Opacity Ethanol Fastness Nitro Fastness Alkali Fastness
PANTONE 877 Silver 8 ? + + +
2708 Gold 8 ? + + +


Technical guidance

We provide technical support to all our customers, either when introducing new products as well as when searching for the optimum solutions for the individual client.


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