Antimicrobial powder coatings

Antimicrobial powder coating is intended to protect surfaces that we constantly touch. It reduces the possibility of microbial transmission and consequently infections associated with these microbes. The use of such varnishes is therefore particularly suitable for: 

  • Furniture and equipment in medical institutions, 
  • Fences, hooks and other holders, 
  • Food preparation and storage, 
  • Surfaces where condensation moisture is formed (molds and fungi), 
  • Areas touched by several people,
  • Sanitary equipment. 

The active ingredient built into the powder coatings prevents and inhibits the microbes reproduction and ensure that their concentration is reduced by 99.99% within 24 hours. We confirm this with analysis certified by a microbiological laboratory from the United Kingdom. Testing was performed according to the ISO 22196: 2011 standard.