Ekolak with special appearance

Labelling of powder coating Ekolak:

Ekolak with special appearance includes all coatings with metallic aspect, coatings with special surface, like for example the "hammerschlag" type or the antique look type, as well as all other coatings not classified as the standard types.
According to the type of binding agent used, the special appearance coatings may be produced as the PE type (polyester/TGIC), E/P type (epoxy/polyester) or PE/P type (polyester/HAA).

E/P (PE, PE/P) - AB - C - XXXXX

The appearance is marked by the code for shade, while the code for surface, quality and gloss remain the same as for the standard Ekolak.

XXXXX - colour shade, i.e. the appearance marking:

Transparent powder coating:

General marking: KYYY (ex. PE-01-1- K001)

Single coat coating with special appearance:

General marking: MEYYY
YYY specifies the shade or the effect, as follows:

  • ME100 - single coat silver
  • ME200 - single coat fine gold
  • ME300 - single coat copper
  • ME201 - single coat rough gold

Double coat coating with special appearance:

This type requires additional coating with the transparent coat after the coating with special appearance coating. It is recommended to use our brand Ekolak PE-01-1-K001.

General marking: MDYYY
YYY specifies the shade or the effect, as follows:

  • MD103 - high gloss silver
  • ME104 - high gloss chrome-silver
  • ME105 - high gloss gold-silver

Appearance of tiny metal particles upon the high gloss substructure:

General marking: BMYYY
YYY specifies the shade or the effect, as follows:

  • BM100 - black silver
  • BM200 - black gold
  • BM205 - beige gold

Appearance of corroded metal i.e. the “antique look”:

General marking: ATYYY
YYY specifies the shade or the effect, as follows:

  • AT1XX - antique silver
  • AT2XX - antique gold
  • AT3XX - antique copper

Appearance of hammered iron i.e. the “hammerschlag”:

General marking: HYYY
YYY specifies the shade or the effect


These instructions are the result of years of research and testing in our laboratories. We may not assume responsibility for the results of your work due to the different methods of work and application of different materials. We reserve the right to any alterations and improvements we may find appropriate.