CEGIPS for agriculture

CEGIPS is white to yellow white industrial gypsum produced by the neutralization process between calcium carbonate and sulphuric acid. This product with 6-12% of residual moisture content is consisted from needle shape crystals with CaSO4x 2H2O content min 95%. 

It is used as fertilizer (calcium and sulphur content) and soil conditioner (improves water use efficiency).

Recommended quantities
Agriculture: (oil plants-rape, barley, beet)   app. 300 kg/ha
Fruit growing           15 – 20 t/ha
Wine grooving          10-15 t/ha

Those quantities should be spreading on the field with solid manure spreader. Cegips should stay dry before spreading.

Bulk cargo.

Technical data parameter

CaSO4x 2H2O content > 95% ISO 1587
Moisture 6-12 ISO 1587
Crystal Water > 20% ISO 1587
pH 6-8 In Water solution
S > 55% Gravimetric
Ca > 22% Volumetric
Solubility in Water 2.1 g/l

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet