RCGIPS is a co-product in the titanium dioxide manufacture. RCGIPS is a neutral product formed by the neutralization between waste sulphuric acid from titanium dioxide production and limestone or lime. It is red to brown, wet solid material. This co-product is consisted mainly from gypsum (CaSO4x 2H2O), iron oxide and titanium dioxide.  

-  As a filler in the various low constructions applications, especially for filing up old (gypsum) storage lagoons,
-  For protection dams against floods and noise,
-  For cover layer on the garbage dumps,
-  For constructions  dams lower than 5m, which are not dynamically loaded.

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Technical data

Ca content max 20 % Internal method
Fe (tot) content max 15 % Internal method
Moisture 30-34 % Internal method

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet