RC 818

RC 818 is a micronized rutile pigment produced by the sulphate process in CINKARNA CELJE - SLOVENIA. The pigment is lattice-stabilized with alumina and surface-treated with aluminium compounds. Organic treatment with special siloxane provides good hydrophobic properties, good dispersibility and no dust by the processing of plastics.

- Masterbatches
- PVC, interior
- Indoor plastics

-  25 kg multiply paper sacks, packed 40 sacks per pallet, wrapped with stretch-hood foil, suitable for recycling. 
-  Big bags up to 1000 kg 
-  Bulk road tankers containing up to 23 t by request.

Technical data parameter

TiO2 content min 96.0 % ISO 591-1
Classification R2 ISO 591
Oil absorption max 20 g/100 g ISO 787-5
Humidity (by packing) max 0.5 % ISO 787-2
CIE Lab (powder)
L* min 97.5 Internal method
b* max 2.5 Internal method

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet