RC 86

RC 86 is a micronized rutile pigment produced by the sulphate process in Cinkarna Celje, Slovenia. The pigment is lattice – stabilized with alumina and surface treated with aluminium and silicon compounds. The pigment is high surface treated and enhance an excellent hiding power, high durability so as light and weather stability, especially in high PVC and excellent dispersibility.

- dispersion paints (interior and exterior)
- aqueous and solvent flatpaints – low gloss
- paper coatings with outstanding dry flat hiding effect
- wallpaper coatings
- silicon paints

-  20 kg multiply paper sacks, packed 40 sacks per pallet, wrapped with shrinkable foil, suitable for recycling.
-  Big bags up to 650 kg
-  Bulk road tankers containing up to 23 t by request.

Technical data parameter

TiO2 content min 80.0 % ISO 591-1
Classification R3 ISO 591
Oil absorption 36 g/100 g – 43 g/100g ISO 787-5
Humidity (by packing) max 1.5 % ISO 787-2
pH 8.0 – 9.5 ISO 787-9
Sieve residue (µm40) max 0.01 % ISO 787-7
CIE Lab (powder)
L* min 98.0 Internal method
b* max 2.0 Internal method

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet