Corporate Culture
We will constantly focus our efforts on fair, high-quality and timely
satisfaction of our customers’ needs. We will develop relationships
based on mutual trust, cooperation and friendship. We will settle
our liabilities to suppliers, banks and contractors with the highest
degree of responsibility.
We will work to ensure that the shareholders’ investment and
their confidence as to the correctness of the decision to invest are
rewarded with expected and suitable returns. We will take care of
the Companys long-term vitality and profitability by investing into
development and employees. We understand that our responsibility
is proportionate to the trust that has been placed in us by the
All employees will enjoy an honest relationship. Fair payment for
the work well-done is an unalienable right. We will make sure that
the rights to appropriate information, personal safety and equal
treatment are respected. The duty of the Companys management
is to promote a positive atmosphere and care for the development
and implementation of the rules and principles of ethical operations.
Within the scope of the sustainable development philosophy,
investment in environmentally-oriented projects and targeted
technology design, we will strive for optimum paths and methods of
environmental protection and health of our community members.
We will strive for and participate in the development and progress of
the local community in the areas of education, sports and culture to
the highest possible degree.