Cuprablau Z 50 WP

Preventive, contact fungicide/bactericide.

Formulation: Wettable Powder (WP)
Contains: 500 g/kg Copper (Cu) from Copper Oxychloride (COC)
Registration No.: RS MKO, UVHVVR:34330-6/2011/14
Expiration date: 30.11.2017

Properties and mode of action

Cuprablau Z 50 WP is a preventive contact fungicide/bactericide used to control diseases of most important agricultural crops. Due to its properties it is suitable for integrated and organic plant protection. 


Cuprablau Z 50 WP is a fungicide used to control the following diseases:
  • On the vine for the production of wine and table grapes for control of downy mildew of grapes (Plasmopara viticola) at a dose of 2 kg/ha. Advisable to use at phenological stages from the end of flowering onward (from BBCH 69 onward). Last application is carried out in accordance with the prescribed withdrawal period. It is applied in 7 to 10 day intervals.
  • In the olive groves to control the olive peacock spot (Cycloconium oleaginum) at a dose of 1,4 kg/ha. Advisable to use at phenological stages from beginning of flowering (BBCH 60) and during fruit development (BBCH 79). 
The product can be applied on the same field up to three times in one growing season.

WARNING: When using Plant Protection Products (PPP) Cuprablau Z or other copper-based product, the number of applications may be reduced, so that annual quantity of pure copper on the same field does not exceed 4 kg of pure copper per ha.


Product used in recommended doses and in optimal application time for mentioned crops is not phytotoxic. The signs of phytotoxicity can occur in case of rainy and cold weather (air temperature below 8°C).

Pre – harvest interval

vine 21 days,
olives 14 day.

Entry period

Workers are allowed to enter on treated surface when the spray mixture is dry.

Application of product

Preparation of the product for use
Fill the spray tank with one-quater of the necessary quantitiy of water. While stirring continuously, add a measured quantity of the product. Fill the spray tank with the rest of water and stir until the use of spray mixture. Application must be done in calm, windless weather to avoid spray drift. Remains of the spray mixture is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and sprayed on already sprayed surface.

Mixing (compatibility)
Cuprablau Z 50 WP is compatible with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides. However, the fungicide cannot be mixed with pesticides that cause an acid reaction.

Buffer zone

At the time of application is necessary to prevent the pollution of watercourses, wells, lakes and springs so as to comply with the provisions on the protection of water. To protect aquatic organisms in the treatment of olives, buffer zone of 40 m width from the bank of water of 1st and 2nd order should be considered. To protect aquatic organisms in the treatment of vine, buffer zone of 20 m width from the bank of water of 1st and 2nd order should be considered. 

Issuance of with the certificate on the acquisition of knowledge in phytomedicine.

Listed information has been approved by the competent authority in Slovenia.

Technical Informations

Safety Data Sheet