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With a tradition of 150 years of uninterrupted operations, Cinkarna Celje, d. d. (joint stock company), is among the most resilient companies in the Slovenian economic area. Until 1968, the company’s defining activity was metallurgy, but in 1973 titanium dioxide pigment production began and later expanded, turning Cinkarna Celje, d. d. into a chemical processing company. With approx. 800 employees, who generate approx. €200 million in turnover annually, whereby more than 90% of sales is generated in export markets, Cinkarna Celje, d. d. ranks number one in Slovenia’s chemical processing industry, making it one of the most important and successful Slovenian industrial companies.

The focus of the company’s activities is on producing and marketing titanium dioxide, complemented by a wide range of other products, such as: powder coatings, masterbatches, zinc alloy and wire, agrichemical products, chemical processing equipment, sulphuric acid, etc.

As a modern chemical processing company, Cinkarna Celje, d. d. operates in accordance with the state-of-the-art techniques and environmental standards. The company’s operations are supported by the implementation of sustainable development principles. By consistently implementing its sustainable development strategy, which is integrated into our vision, mission, and the company’s development plan, we constantly endeavour to improve in all areas of our operations, we seek innovative solutions, and we introduce them into our successful model of operation with the aim to achieve a balance between economic performance, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

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The company is founded, a zinc smelting plant is built.


The smelting plant commences operations.At this time, Cinkarna is still exclusively a metallurgical company.


The zinc rolling plant commences operations.


The ore-roasting plant updated and sulphuric acid production begins.With this, Cinkarna complements its basic activity with chemical activity.


The company Pražarna in kemična d. d. is founded. Pigment production commences.


Zinc-etched and zinc-based offset plates production commences.


An organic dyestuffs plant is founded.


Cinkarna and Kemična tovarna merge.


Affiliation of the organic dyestuffs plant (Tovarna organskih barvil).


Affiliation of the mineral pigments plant in Mozirje (Tovarna zemeljskih barv). Sulphuric acid production according to the contact process commences.


Aluminium printing offset plate production commences.


Transition from mainly metallurgical to mainly chemical processing activities.


Titanium dioxide operations commence.


The production of single component polyurethane foam for construction commences.


Rubberising and fluorinated polymer processing commences.


New rolling plant opens and titanium-zinc sheet metal production commences.


Sulphuric acid production according to the double absorption process commences. As a result, SO2 emissions decreased.


Titanium dioxide production updated.


Powder coating production commences in Mozirje.


Production of electrochemically grained aluminium plates commences.


Company ownership transformation begins.Some outdated production facilities are closed (Litopon, Organska barvila, Keramika).Plant protection product manufacture is updated (blue copper).


Titanium dioxide production updated. Additional cleaning devices are installed.


Plant growing media (growth substrate) production is updated and relocated. Closure of outdated production plants (Galvana).


Legal form of organisation is changed: from CC, p.o. to CC, d.d. (joint stock company)


Additional construction of a new building material production plant. Founding meeting of the company CC, d. d.


Masterbatch production commences in Mozirje.


The implementation of projects for the alignment with the IPPC Directive commences. The main portion of activities focuses on the environmental and technological update of titanium dioxide production.


The company Cinkarna – Kvarc d. o. o. is founded in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


The production of single component polyurethane foam for construction ends and its equipment is sold off.


The project for the environmental and technological update of titanium dioxide production is roughly finished. Only the dry gypsum filling project is still underway.


Red gypsum dry filling operations commence.


A new line for the production of white masterbatches opens. Zinc sulphate production ceases.


The company obtained the integrated environmental permit according to the IPPC Directive. A resolution on the closure of the Bukovžlak Non-Hazardous Waste Deposit Site is adopted.


The CC Polska (Poland) representative office opens.


The production of printing plates, offset inks, and printing chemicals ceases and the printing house closes.


Affiliation of the production of flexographic printing inks at the Kemija Mozirje production unit.


Production of rolled zinc titanium sheets ends.

2016 TiO2 production capacity expands to 65.000 t/year


The comprehensive renovation of the Bukovžlak Non-Hazardous Waste Deposit Site commences. A resolution on the closure of the waste deposit site is issued.


Coating production at the Kemija Mozirje production unit ends.


Extension of the existing production at the Kemija Mozirje production unit by investment into a line for the production of colour powder coatings and colour masterbatches.The company Cinkarna – Kvarc d. o. o. in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is liquidated.


The sell-off of the construction & building material range.


The Cinkarna representative office in Belgrade closes (the Republic of Serbia).


Flexo printing inks production ceases.

2022 The first solar power plants become operational
2023 Closure of the Metallurgy business unit and abolition of the metallurgy programme
2023 Sustainability strategy is set


Vision – mission – values

The company strives to grow and increase its effectiveness concerning its existing and new technologically advanced products with added value. Our goals will be achieved by taking into consideration sustainable development and circular economy principles.

Through professional and socially responsible performance of chemical processes, we produce a wide range of products that are necessary for our everyday life. We provide work and personal growth to our employees and expected profitability to our shareholders.

  • Partnership and trust
  • Fairness and respect
  • Creativity and focus on development
  • Commitment to sustainable development and circular economy
  • Loyalty and cooperation in achieving common goals


Code of Conduct

The commitment to ethical conduct is one of the key values addressed at Cinkarna Celje d. d. as an uncompromising standard. The guiding principle of our operations is to take into consideration the highest criteria of cultural ethics and business communication, which are identified in the form of fundamental principles and rules of conduct for the management and everyone employed at the company. Cinkarna Celje, d. d. is focused on developing professional business ethics that promotes and creates comprehensible fundamental ethical principles, while also providing inspiration to all stakeholders in order to ensure compliance with the code of conduct and with the company’s values, taking into account applicable legislation, rules, regulations, and company by laws.

Code of Conduct


Integrated management system

Our company has decided to use an integrated management system (IMS), which combines quality management systems according to the ISO 9001 standard, the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 system, the EMAS regulation, and occupational health and safety according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

The IMS is based on a process approach and covers the production and sale of titanium dioxide products, zinc wires and alloys, powder coatings, masterbatches, sulphuric acid, agricultural chemical products, and aggressive media systems.

Elements of the environmental management systems and systems for occupational health and safety are closely intertwined with all of the business processes at the company. By managing them, it is ensured that the environmental aspects and occupational health and safety risks are suitably recognised, managed, and reported for all processes.


Company management

The fact that Cinkarna Celje, d. d. has been operating and functioning without interruptions throughout its entire existence clearly demonstrates the resilience of its business system, its ability to provide optimum responses to every shift in the environment, even crucial ones, and the acuteness of management policies, which has always successfully connected the wealth of accumulated knowledge of its employees with the business opportunities arising in markets.

Our company connects, coordinates, and realises the goals of all of our stakeholders, namely of: the owners, employees, the management, and the goals of the company, taking into account the conservation of the natural environment in accordance with the concept of sustainable development.

The basic objective which, in our opinion, enables the achievement of everyone’s long-term goals is the generation of stable and gradually increasing returns on our investments and used capital. We strive to grow and establish a partnership and long-term relationship with the owners, who will, in order to ensure that their investment is safe and stable, actively cooperate in creating a modern company with an active attitude towards environmental protection and the development of excellent work conditions for motivated and satisfied employees. Such a company assumes the role of a pillar of the economic and general social local environment and of the wider central European region, which has a significant position in the EU.

The persistent and resilient sales focus of Cinkarna Celje d. d. in the European, American, and Middle East markets reflects its business mindset according to which long-term success and promise are achieved mainly by the products and product ranges that can be marketed transnationally. Therefore, the complete compliance of our operations and activities with European standards and norms is natural.We demonstrate our business power and potential through our excellent market position, which results from decades of work and proving ourselves in international markets, by aligning our operations with the extremely rigorous Union acquis in the field of environmental protection, by monitoring and integrating the latest development concerning the comprehensive quality management into our business system, and by establishing a multidisciplinary, adaptable, and goal oriented management and operational personnel structure. Our sales philosophy is based on establishing genuine, long-term, and stable relationships with our buyers. Our reputation as a reliable and fair partner which we have established with our consumers, together with constant efforts to optimise the relationship between the price/quality/speed of the delivery of our products, creates the most significant competitive edge compared to the best companies in the industries in which we operate.

Aleš SKOK, BS in Chemical Technology, MBA

Management Board

President of the Management Board
Aleš SKOK, BS in Chemical Technology, MBA

Member of the Management Board – Technical Director
Nikolaja PODGORŠEK SELIČ, BS in Chemical Engineering, Specialist

Member of the Management Board – Worker Director
Filip KOŽELNIK, MS in Business and Organisation

Supervisory Board


Dr Mario Gobbo (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Tomaž Berločnik
Melita Malgaj
Boštjan Furlan
Aleš Stevanovič
Jože Koštomaj, Mechanical Engineer
Dubravka Derossi Uršič (will assume the position on December 24, 2024)


Public relations

Špela Kumer
T: + 386 40 633 023
E: spela.kumer@cinkarna.si

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At Cinkarna Celje d. d. we are constantly striving to meet responsible and ambitious people with professional skills and knowledge. We value partnership and trust, honesty and respect, creativity and development orientation, commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy, at the same time loyalty and the ability to cooperate in achieving common goals. We provide a fair work environment, safety and respect.

If you would like to build your career together with us, please send us your CV on the following e-mail: zaposlitev@cinkarna.si