Cuprovin 50 - »EC Fertilizer«

Type of the fertilizer: E.1.3g

Inorganic mineral fertilizer with copper (Cu) from copper oxychloride for foliar application of agricultural products, in the form of powder for suspension.

Content of nutrients: Copper (Cu), 50 wt. % 

Use: Cuprovin 50 we are using for foliar application of cultures between vegetation, at deficiency of the copper. Do not exceed the recommended quantities. The proposed recommendations are general in nature, we must take into account the needs of specific crops and their conditions of cultivation.

Recommended doses
Culture Dose with spraying
(time of use)
Water consumption
Cereals, Corn to 1,0 kg / ha
(early phase of development; corn: from 5 to 8 leaves)
to 750 L / ha
Grapes to 1,0 kg / ha
(early phase of development)
to 750 L / ha
Tree nuts 2,0 – 3,0 kg / ha
(before and after flowering)
to 750 L / ha
Pome fruit (apples, pears) to 2,0 kg / ha
(early phase of development)
to 750 L / ha
Stone fruit (peaches, apricots) 2,0 - 3,0 kg / ha
(post-harvest fruits)
to 750 L / ha
Strawberries, Olives to 1,0 kg / ha
(before flowering and post-harvest)
to 750 L / ha
Vegetables (carrots, onions) to 1,0 kg / ha
(early phase of development)
to 750 L / ha
Meadows (not for the sheep) to 1,0 kg / ha (before grazing) to 750 L / ha
Conifers to 1,0 kg / ha (autumn, early spring) to 750 L / ha
Cuprovin 50 is not mixed with acidic products. Before preparing the mixture with other fertilizers or plant protection products we preparing a test of mixing.

Environment protection and control above exposure:
The fertilizer may not pass over uncontrollably on the environment. Cuprovin 50 has to be included in the overall balance of intake of copper on the same land. In case of dusting increased at preparing the suspension we used dust or mist respirator, protective eyewear and protective clothes.

Packaging: 1 kg, 25 kg

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet