CCR 150

CCR 150
Ultrafine nanoparticles in rutile form are present in neutral suspension. The ultrafine rutile particles are surface modified.


  • transparent coatings providing long term UV screening for various substrates (wood, plastics,…)
  • as a supplement to plastics in order to enhance their physical and chemical characteristics
  • transparent plastic foil for food packaging 
  • UV protection in polymers

Available in 50 (60 kg) or 150 L (170 kg) containers.

Technical Data Parameter

TiO2 content Internal method min 15 % in weight
Density Internal method ~ 1,2 g/cm3
pH Internal method 6 - 8
Crystallite size (Scherrer method) Internal method ~ 10 nm
Surface modifier Internal method Al2O3, Fe2O3

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet