Environment Management

As with health and safety, care for the environment is an integral part of Cinkarna Celje’s corporate governance regime. The company is committed to sustainable development in all areas of operation, at all times. Its primary activities - zinc and chemicals production and processing - thus permanently take into consideration the basic principles of responsible management of health, safety and environmental issues.  

Corporate Commitment

  • Cinkarna Celje measures and evaluates all impacts that its operations exert on the environment and its own personnel, as well as establishes objectives and implements measures in order to ensure ongoing improvement. Industrial processes are upgraded and refined through the implementation of new technologies that result in the evermore efficient use of raw materials and energy, as well as provision of the highest possible levels of health and safety in the workplace.

  • Operations and products are formulated to reduce impacts on the environment, thus promoting comprehensive health and safety during the entire life cycle of the product, which, in addition to preparation, manufacture, distribution and use, also encompasses the preparation of development and investment projects. 

  • The company remains fully compliant with legislative provisions in the field of environmental protection, health and safety. In addition, it also implements recommendations and other requirements that have been agreed to, as well as measures in accordance with local environment specifics and conditions. 

  • Particular attention is paid to the education, training and health of personnel. To meet the objectives in this area, awareness of the environment together with health and safety issues is promoted amongst employees, as is a commitment to perform their work with due responsibility and with the corporate objectives in mind. The intention is to prevent injuries at work - as well as damage to equipment and other property - to the highest possible degree.

  • Cinkarna Celje is constantly developing plans to reduce risk, as well as to ensure that emergency management and remedial intervention measures are adequate and effective in assuring health, safety and environmental protection

  • The company promotes environment, health and safety awareness issues with its suppliers, contractors and other business partners.

  • Cinkarna Celje publishes information on environment, health and safety issues, and -to the utmost degree - takes into consideration the views and standpoints of all interested parties.

  • The entire workforce is fully aware of the appropriate environment, health and safety management issues, and endorses the objectives that have been set by the company.