Agrichemical products

Ensuring healthy plant growth. Keeping up with market trends and demands in copper production. Chemical plant protection is only complementary to all other preventive and cultural measures in agriculture, respecting the principles of good agricultural practice.

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About agrichemical products

Plant protection products protect cultivated plants against diseases and pests. They give us access to and a wide choice of good quality, affordable food, and improve our self-sufficiency. The bulk of our production of plant protection products is organic.

They are salts, green-blue colour, used to control plant diseases. Because of their wide spectrum of efficacy, their use has been extended to all agricultural crops, since they work on more than 200 different pathogenic fungi and bacteria and no equivalent substitute can be found for them.

In 2010, Cinkarna became a member of the European Union Copper Task Force (EUCuTF), an association of producers of copper products. The association was set up to represent common interests in the field of registration of copper as an active substance in the European Union, and it includes 12 manufacturers of copper products.

Cuprablau is our brand name for copper fungicides. The products ensure good response and uniform distribution, and are therefore effective even at lower concentrations. They are produced in water-soluble granules and powder form.

The active substance copper oxychloride is used for the production of plant protection products, brand Cuprablau Z.

In 2019, Cinkarna Celje started the synthesis of tribasic copper sulphate (TBCS), which is the most efficient chemical form compared to other copper compounds, and can therefore be used at very low doses, as the release of copper ions is faster, and products with TBCS are less phytotoxic to plants. It is mainly used to produce plant protection products in the form of WG formulations (wettable granules) and SC formulations (suspension concentrate).

Humovit substrates allow fast root growth. They provide a high water and nutrient retention rate, and their use increases the proportion of organic matter in the soil, which reduces nutrient leaching into groundwater and the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.



A sustainable approach to sourcing

Copper products have been produced at Cinkarna for more than half a century. We use recycled copper in our production, thus contributing to a sustainable use of resources - reuse of resources that have already been used. There are no by-products in our production process and thus no additional burden to the environment. In recent years, the company's development of new copper formulations has focused on reducing the copper intake in application of the product.


We produce the following types of agro products

Plant protection products
Growth substrates


Tribasic copper sulphate (TBCS)


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