Red gypsum RCGIPS

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RCGIPS is a by-product of titanium dioxide production. It is the neutral product of the neutralisation of residual sulphuric acid from the production of TiO2 with limestone flour and lime milk. It is reddish brown, coarse-grained, partially bondable, and moist in character. In addition to gypsum (CaSO4 x2H2O), it also contains iron oxides, titanium dioxide, and traces of silica and magnesium hydroxides.



RCGIPS can be handled and treated in a similar way to natural soils of excavation category 2 to 3. This product has better strength properties and embankment banks can be formed at stable slopes of 1:2 to 1:1.5. It is possible to drive lorries or other vehicles on its surfaces. The layers of compacted, packed titanium gypsum have low to very low permeability to water. Compacted titanium gypsum is an excellent alternative to natural soils for the following applications:

  • for infilling in low-rise buildings, in particular for the controlled infilling of old wet landfills (accumulations of Za Travnik);
  • for flood protection and noise barriers;
  • for landfill capping layers;
  • for structural embankments up to 5 m high, not subject to dynamic (traffic) loads.

The material is suitable if its moisture content does not exceed 35 % (geotechnical moisture content).





Technical data

Ca content  max. 20 %  Internal method
Fe content(tot)  max. 15 %  Internal method
Moisture 30–34 %  Internal method



Technical Data Sheet RCGIPS Red Gypsum

Safety Data Sheet RCGIPS Red Gypsum


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