Titanyl sulfate (TiOSO4)

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Solution of titanyl sulfate (CAS No 13825-74-6) in sulphuric (VI) acid
(CAS No 7664-93-9). It is milky, slightly brownish yellow in colour and odourless liquid.



Available in PE-HD containers of 1 m3 or upon customer's request.


Technical data paramater

TiOSO4 content (as TiO2) Internal method 10 % – 12 %
Ratio Active acid : TiO2   2,7 – 3,7
Density (25 °C) Internal method 1360 g/L – 1440 g/L
pH Internal method < 1



Technical Data Sheet Titanyl Sulfate - solution

Safety Data Sheet Titanyl sulfate - solution

Karta Charakterystyki Bezpieczeństwa Wyrobu Roztwór Siarczanu Tytanylu


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