04. 11. 2013

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The Management regrets to inform that on Friday, 1 st Nov 2013, at 4:45 p.m., a major work accident occurred at the titanium dioxide pigment plant. Three employees were severely injured in this accident.

At the moment, an investigation into the reasons that led to the accident is underway. The first findings indicate that the incident was a result of exceptionally unfavorable set of circumstances triggered by an error in the operation of process equipment.

The elimination of the consequences of the work accident is being carried out intensively and until it is complete the scope of production will be reduced and adjusted according to the instructions of government authorities.

The main concern of the Management are the injured employees, the course of their treatment, and the substantial help and support that the company will provide to the injured employees and their families as they seek to overcome the consequences of this incident.

Notification concerning a work accident