Titanium dioxide (TMP free)

23. 11. 2023

Titanium dioxide (TMP free)

Cinkarna has prepared products without TMP (trimethylolpropane, CAS number: 77-99-6) in its development department, since TMP, as the most common additive for organic processing of titanium dioxide pigment, was classified as a dangerous substance some time ago.

Manufacturers were encouraged to look for an alternative, since the classification as such limits its use in the manufacture of various products (for instance in products with “Ecolabel” is allowed as exemption till the end of 2025 in amounts up to 0,5% /TiO2).

We offer our products with trade names RC 813, RC 823, RC 833 also in the TMP free version, while retaining the properties of compatibility with solvents, water and organic resins and improved mobility and processability in the production of paints/coatings. An alternative to TMP is used as an organic surface treatment that complies with legislation (food contact use). It is added to the surface of the pigment as a hydrophilic additive. Significant deviations in the quality of the material are not expected compared to the material organically treated with TMP.