General Manager

The fact that Cinkarna Celje has been operating successfully for nearly 140 years clearly corroborates the company's persistence, its ability to react promptly to potentially fatal changes in the business environment, as well as the aptitude and intuition of its management, which has always successfully combined the accumulated knowledge and skills of employees with the commercial opportunities offered by the market.

Through paying particular attention to the principles of sustainable development and the preservation of the natural environment, the company integrates, harmonizes and accomplishes the objectives of proprietors, personnel and the customer in order to attain its goals.

The basic objective, which ensures the fulfilment of long-term aspirations, is to attain solid and steady growth in the return on invested equity. The company strives for the development of a long-term relationship with its shareholders who shall – in addition to enjoying a safe and stable investment –

  • President of the Management Board – General Manager Aleš Skok, univ. dipl. ing., MBA (USA)
    President of the Management Board – General Manager Aleš Skok, univ. dipl. ing., MBA (USA)

also take an active part in the development of a modern company committed to the environment in which it operates and provision of excellent working conditions for its highly motivated and satisfied employees. Such a company takes on a role of a prime mover in the local economic and social milieu, as well as in the broader Central European region which today lies at the heart of the EU.

Cinkarna Celje's penetration of markets in Europe, America and the Middle East has been resolute and unrelenting, reflecting the business strategy of successfully exporting products and ranges that exhibit particular long-term international perspective. Thus it goes without saying that the company's performance and operations fully comply with all mandatory European standards and requirements.

Cinkarna Celje's commercial strengths and potentials are corroborated by its excellent commercial position, which can be attributed to decades-long hard work and penetration of foreign markets, the harmonisation of company operations with the most rigorous legislation in the sphere of environmental protection, the ongoing implementation of the most recent innovations in the field of total quality management, as well as flexible and objective-oriented operations.

Company sales philosophy is based on the establishment of genuine, long-term and solid relationships with its customers. The reputation of a reliable and honest partner, that Cinkarna enjoys with its clients, combined with ongoing efforts to optimise the ratio between quality, expedient delivery and price, has provided  it with a competitive advantage which places it among the very best companies in the sectors in which it operates.