1873 Establishment of the company, and construction of the first zinc smelter.

1875 Inauguration of zinc smelter operations; Cinkarna was engaged solely in metallurgy during the early years.

1888 Zinc rolling mill operations begin.

1912 Modernisation of the ore-roasting plant, and the initiation of sulphuric acid production, which complements Cinkarna's basic chemicals manufacturing.

1934/35 Foundation of Pražarna & Kemična d.d., a joint-stock company engaged in ore-roasting and chemicals manufacturing; the launch of pigments production.

1938 Initiation of zinc production, and zinc-based offset plate manufacture.

1949 Establishment of organic dyestuffs manufacturing operation.

1953 Merger of Cinkarna and Pražarna & Kemična.

1961 Affiliation of organic dyestuffs plant.

1962 Affiliation of Mozirje mineral pigments plant; launch of sulphuric acid production using the contact process.

1966 Launch of aluminium offset-plate production.

1970 Transition from a primarily metallurgy-oriented into a chemicals company.

1973 Titanium dioxide production begins.

1980 Start of operation gumming and fluorinated polymer processing.

1981 A new rolling mill begins operation, and the manufacture of titanium-zinc sheets begins.

1982 The double-absorption process is initiated in sulphuric acid production, resulting in a decrease in SO2 emissions.

1989 Modernisation of titanium dioxide production.

1991 Manufacture of grained aluminium lithographic plates commences.

1993 Transformation into a limited liability company begins; some obsolete production facilities (Litopon, Organic dyestuffs, Ceramics) are closed, while the fungicide (blue copper) production plant is modernised; powder coatings manufacture begins in Mozirje.

1994/95 Upgrading of titanium dioxide production, and instalment of additional anti-pollution devices.

1996 Relocation and upgrade of growth substrates production; closure of the outmoded Galvana works.

1997 Cinkarna Celje is transformed into a joint-stock company.

1998 Completion of a new plant aimed at the production of building and construction materials; inaugural assembly of the Cinkarna Celje joint stock company.

2000 Commencement of intensive investments into the expansion of titanium dioxide pigment production.

2006 The completion of the project to expand and modernise titanium dioxide pigment production; the sub-projects for the upgrade of sulphuric acid production and dry gypsum disposal have been under way.

2006 Launch of production of CEGIPS – white titanium gypsum.

2007 Project of environmental and technological upgrade of the titanium dioxide production plant is mainly complete. The project of dry gypsum filling is still in progress.

2008 Start of red gypsum dry filling.

2009 Launch of the new masterbatch line. Discontinuation of zinc sulphate production.

2010 The company is awarded the Integral Environmental Permit in compliance with the IPPC Directive. Resolution to close the Bukovžlak solid waste disposal site is adopted.