CEGIPS for industry

CEGIPS is white to yellow white industrial gypsum produced by the neutralization process between calcium carbonate and sulphuric acid. This product with 6-12% of residual moisture content is consisted from needle shape crystals with CaSO4x 2H2O content min 95%. 

Directly as an additive in Cement production in amount of app. 5%.
Indirectly with additional calcinations step for plasters, plasters binder, self levelling floors.

In comparison with nature Gypsum has Cegips many advantages as follows:
- Higher purity, more than 95%
- Higher sulphate content, > 55%
- Const quality
- Powder material with residual water content 6-12%

Wietersdorfer & Peggauer Zementwerke GMBH
Salonit Anhovo, Building materials, d.d.

Technical data parameter

CaSO4x 2H2O content > 95% ISO 1587
Moisture 6-12 ISO 1587
Crystal Water > 20% ISO 1587
pH 6-8 In Water solution
SO4 > 55% Gravimetric
Ca > 22% Volumetric
D50 80-110 µm Malvern particle size

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet