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POWDER COATINGS are powder coatings for electrostatic application (duroplastics), commercially known as EKOLAK. They have a number of technical and ecological advantages compared to conventional coatings and is therefore mainly used for the protection of housings of household appliances, parts in the automotive industry, and metalwork.

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About powder coatings

Powder Coatings are 100% dry, so there are no emissions into the air or water when they are used. They are applied electrostatically and are distinguished by their intended use, quality, surface appearance and gloss. In addition to their decorative appearance, the products offer, above all, good protection to all types of metal and wood.

They are applied with a high-voltage electrostatic gun using the corona or the tribo system. The powder coating deposited on the object must be cured using tunnel or batch ovens.

Compared to classic coatings, they have many technical and ecological advantages.

Powder coatings have a wide range of applications: construction, the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, the furniture industry, household appliances.

Qualicoat has been around for more than 30 years and is considered an international symbol of quality that can be used to compare the quality of powder coatings. The Qualicoat certificate first appeared in Europe in 1986. It has now spread to 39 countries worldwide. The governing body is in Zurich, Switzerland, where the international Qualicoat standard is controlled, and they have the exclusive right to approve the standard worldwide.



We integrate sustainable solutions into our operations

A brighter future is a greener future, and we are embedding this in our production processes as well as in the products themselves. Through our own development, we follow the trends of sustainability and adapt to the needs of our customers and the market.

Advantages of powder coatings

Powder coatings are 100% dry, so they do not pollute air or water. They do not contain toxic substances and do not endanger the people who work with them. They do not contain volatile or flammable components and do not pose a risk of ignition or explosion. Energy consumption during curing is reduced by up to 50% as no solvent evaporation is required. No safety precautions are required for the storage of powder coatings, which makes storage easy. The application and recovery technology ensures up to 98% efficiency as the excess powder can be collected and reused. The cost of building a paint shop is reduced because there is no need for cleaning equipment.

Protecting our health

We have developed an antimicrobial powder coating to protect surfaces that are constantly touched, such as handles, railings, metal cabinets, chairs, etc. It reduces the possibility of microbial transmission and, consequently, infections. The powder coating contains an active ingredient that prevents and inhibits the multiplication of microbes. By implementing the antimicrobial powder coating in our everyday lives, we are contributing to the improvement of hygiene conditions in society.

The added value of long-term protection

Protecting products with powder coatings gives metals long-lasting protection and a better appearance. Powder coatings provide high mechanical and chemical resistance, thus ensuring a longer service life under different external influences.


Technical information

Qualicoat certificate


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