Ekolak E/P

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It is based on saturated epoxy and polyester resins (epoxy/polyester), and is characterised by good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. It offers improved edge coverage, the possibility of painting with lower application thicknesses, and is optimised for low-temperature curing at 160°C or 140°C. The white powder coating has been tested for hygiene and health by the Slovenian National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food. Colour tone according to RAL chart or sample.

Properties of powder:

Density (ISO 8310-3): 1.2 to 1.7 g/cm3, depending on quality and colour.
Yield: 9.8 to 13.8 m2/kg at an application thickness of 60 μm, depending on quality and colour.

Granulation (Malvern granulometer): particles over 40 μm ... 40-55%.

Application method: conventional CORONA process, negative voltage 30-100 kV, it is also possible to supply powder adapted for TRIBO application (T at the end of the marking, e.g. E/P-XX-X-xxxxx T).

It is mandatory to adjust the temperature of the powder coating to the temperature of the coating line before applying it on the coating line.

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