CCR 150

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About CCR 150 


Designed and optimised for use as a highly efficient UV absorber:

  • Ultrafine TiO2 without pigment properties
  • Very stable, pH neutral, brownish aqueous suspension
  • Rutile crystal structure
  • Functionalised surface due to an inorganic coating
  • Excellent UV absorption, with high transparency

Main applications:

  • Transparent coatings that offer long-lasting UV protection on a variety of materials
  • As an additive to plastic materials to improve their physical and chemical properties
  • Transparent plastic film for packaging food and other light-sensitive food products/materials
  • UV protection in polymers

Technical data

TiO2 content 15 - 17 %
Density ~ 1.1 g/cm3
pH 6 - 8
Crystallite size (Scherrer) ~ 10 nm
Specific Conductivity < 1 mS/cm
Surface treatment Al2O3 , Fe2O3
Specific surface area ~ 140 m2/g


Packaging and handling:

  • Available in 50 L (60 kg) and 150 L (170 kg) plastic drums and IBC (1,000 kg)
  • Handle in accordance with the CCR 150 Safety Data Sheet
  • Shelf life: minimum 4 years from the date of manufacture
  • Avoid freezing or overheating during storage
  • Must be mixed before use (after mixing, viscosity is reduced to the working level)



Technical list

Safety list

Brochure UV absorber


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