CCR 200 N

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About CCR 200 N

It is a stabilised aqueous suspension of ultrafine titanium dioxide (UF TiO2) with excellent photocatalytic properties in the presence of natural or artificial UV and visible light. Our proprietary particle design and manufacturing technology is the foundation for superior product performance in a wide variety of applications.

Main applications

  • Outdoor and indoor applications for various building materials and other surfaces, textiles, glass, ceramics, etc.
  • Photocatalyst used for a self-cleaning effect
  • Air and water purification (degradation of NOx, SOx, VOCs and other organic molecules)
  • Removal of odours
  • Prevention of mould, fungi and algae
  • Antiviral and antibacterial action

Designed and optimised for photocatalytic applications:

  • Ultrafine TiO2 without pigment properties
  • Very stable, pH neutral, white aqueous suspension
  • Rutile crystal structure
  • Decomposition of organic and inorganic molecules under UV or visible light
  • Recommended for applications in the neutral or basic pH range
  • N-doped crystal lattice
  • High photocatalytic activity

Packaging and handling:

  • Available in 50 L (60 kg) and 150 L (170 kg) plastic drums and IBC (1,000 kg)
  • Handle in accordance with the CCR 200 N Safety Data Sheet
  • Shelf life: minimum 4 years from the date of production
  • Avoid freezing or overheating during storage
  • Must be mixed before use (after mixing, viscosity is reduced to the working level)

Technical data

TiO2 content 20 - 22 %
Density ~ 1.2 g/cm3
pH 6 - 8
Crystallite size (Scherrer) ~ 30 nm
Specific Conductivity < 1 mS/cm
Specific surface area > 60 m2/g
Typical photocatalytic activity Under UV light 22.4 mg NO/m2h
Under visible light 17.2 mg NO/m2h



Technical data

Safety data

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