Powder coatings- Ekolak

Those are coatings in powder for electrostatic application with commercial name Ekolak. Powder coating Ekolak offer many technological and ecological advantages in comparison to traditional coatings. That is why it is mostly used for house appliancies, automotive industry and in wide area of metal products.

A quality label Qualicoat (EKOLAK PEQ15, EKOLAK PEQ15 ST)

Qualicoat has been operating for over 20 years and is considered an international benchmark of quality, relevant to local and imported powder coatings. The qualicoat label was first introduced in Europe in 1986 and has since spread to 39 countries. A governing body in Zurich controls qualicoat internationally, with exclusive authority to approve the standard throughout the world.  More...Qualicoat gives purchasers of coated aluminium the assurance that they will receive a premium-grade product delivering long-term value and consistent quality.
Qualicoat gives you access to a network of professional finishers that use approved processes and equipment, each randomly inspected by an independent auditor to ensure quality is upheld. More...

We are producing Ekolak for different purpose of use:


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