Ultrafine titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is one of the most widely used inorganic material in the world. The most common form is pigmentary titanium dioxide but in recent years there has been a growing demand for ultrafine titanium dioxide. Turning to smaller particles i.e. becoming nano size particles titanium dioxide is offering new properties and advantages to final materials which are incorporated in, for example such as reducing pollution of the air by photocatalytic process, providing self-cleaning effect at the same time, protecting wood from UV radiation,... Ultrafine titanium dioxide is known for its many and versatile applications emanating from its very small particle size and semiconductor nature. The range of use of ultrafine titanium dioxide is extremely wide and growing annually.

We are producing following types of ultrafine titanium dioxide:
Applications CCA 100 BS CCR 200 N CCR 220 Mn CCR 150
UV protective transparent wood coatings
Additives for plastic — UV protection PE
Transparent PE UV protective foil
In cosmetics for UV protection
Photocatalytic processes
Self-cleaning effect — glass
Self-cleaning effect — facade
Decomposition of organic pollutants
Decomposition of NOx
Disinfection - Antimicrobe effect
Protection against algae and fungi
Purification of water
Purification of air
Indoor applications
pH 7 - 9 6 – 8 6 – 8 6 – 8
Solid content 20 - 22 % 20 - 22 % 15 - 17 % 15 - 17 %
Surface treatment / / Al2O3 Fe2O3, Al2O3
Crystallite size (Scherrer) ~ 10 nm ~ 30 nm ~ 30 nm ~ 10 nm

o – appropriate
● – recommended


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