Printing inks – Flexo

The production of flexo printing inks at Cinkarna started in 1963. Our main goal when developing new products and improving the already established ones is supported by selection of high quality raw materials in order to follow the market demands and to satisfy our clients. Cinkrana produces high quality white titanium dioxide pigment which is also used in the production of white flexo/gravure printing inks. Advanced equipment and numerous measuring and control devices applied during the process provide great production flexibility and first-rate quality of the products.


Solvent based

Water based

We provide technical support to all our customers, either when introducing new products as well as when searching for the optimum solutions for the individual client.


Dubravka Kunst - marketing
tel.: 003863/427-6218

Andraž Brečko - technical information
tel.: 003863/427-6388