Printing inks – Offset

The beginnings of the offset printing inks production at Cinkarna go back to 1971. Years-long production experience and research work have made it possible for us to follow the demands of the modern printing. We put all our efforts to make the individual types of inks applicable to various conditions of printing and to various printing materials. The wide range of applications of offset printing inks is complemented by the production of auxiliary mediums which can be added to inks and fountain solution with the aim to eliminate eventual problems and to improve the quality of imprints or they can be used individually (varnishes). Our production range of inks is intended for sheet-fed offset print.


Auxiliary printing mediums:

  • Ink refreshing mediums
  • Ink adjusting mediums
  • Drying mediums


We provide technical support to all our customers, either when introducing new products as well as when searching for the optimum solutions for the individual client.


Dubravka Kunst - marketing
tel.: 003863/427-6218

Andraž Brečko - technical information
tel.: 003863/427-6388